Jeanne Purdum

Jeanne has a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University. Jeanne has been serving children and families in various Pacific Northwest communities since 1997. She works from a holistic perspective to address the mind-body connection and increase systemic health. Jeanne has special interest in addressing how nutrition, digestive health, and food allergies/sensitivities impact behaviors, moods, and ultimately mental health. As co-founder of Integrated Therapy Services NW PLLC, Jeanne is dedicated to providing cutting-edge mental health services to children and their families. Jeanne has experience providing individual, couples, child and family therapy to treat issues of depression/anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, ADHD and other behavioral issues. Jeanne specializes in working with children and parents to address the complex relationship between anxiety and/or behavioral problems and food allergies, sensitivities, and/or other health conditions.

Jeanne is a clinical supervisor who has earned national accreditation through the AAMFT. She enjoys supervising Master’s level therapists and being a part of the learning process that produces professional and personal growth.

Integrated Therapy Services NW PLLC
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