Janis Summerlin

Janis Summerlin is a certified Eating Psychology Coach specializing in helping women end the constant search for the “perfect diet” and come to the full acknowledgment of the woman You are meant to be. As a woman who experienced weight and body image issues in my earlier years, I get the struggle women face in managing work, home, personal time and simultaneously attempting to meet the cultural ideal of what a woman must look like and be.

Is food your friend or foe?
Do you find yourself binge eating late at night?
What message do you tell yourself when eating a forbidden food?
How do the pounds that register on the scale affect you?

These are all too common food challenges that concern women. My compassionate approach working with chronic dieting, binge eating, overeating, digestive issues and body image creates a coaching environment of respect for each woman and listening intently to their weight and body image concerns.

Using powerful and effective strategies of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology, this cutting edge training gives me the tools to provide women practical, long term and sustainable results.

J Summerlin Health Coaching
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