Harriet Morris

Would you like to reclaim your life from food? See a significant drop in your binge eating and cravings, dismantle your sugar addiction and sustainably shed your unwanted weight? No more guilt. Instead, get curious about your inner resistance to the change you want so badly – without feeling deprived or bad about yourself.

With 25,000 YouTube views, appearances on podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire and 4 books on Amazon, I help both men and women. I have a special interest in resolving trauma.

I spent 3 decades binge eating. Sugar addiction and body hatred ruled my life. On my 40th birthday I said NO MORE. I dropped 3 dress sizes without dieting, turned my compulsive eating into a non-issue and dismantled my sugar addiction. Unexpected bonuses: goodbye mood swings and PMT; hello energy, focus and motivation. The real prize? Draining the past of its power to control my future.

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