Hamad Al Saad

Hamad Al Saad, a Holistic Transformational Therapist.

Hamad has been in this field since 2010. He found his passion in improving the quality of people’s lives and now turned to be his calling, his life purpose so he’s doing it as his career. Lifting people up by supporting them into shifting to their optimal version of themselves is his reward and fulfillment.

He created a movement and business under the brand “The Nourisher” – (IG account @nourisherbh). Where he is taking the initiative to educate people to better their eating habits, food relationship, improve their mind-body connection, listen to their inner voice, gut health, body image, emotional and stress management, understanding their body structure, accepting their unique selves, working with their eating disorders, and most of all self love, which is what the movement is all about.

It lead him to create an organization under the title The Nourishers Tribe, a platform that brings professionals together in the health and wellness sector, to work hand in hand so that they provide a holistic intuitive approach to clients. The organizations core value is serving people’s wellbeing.

The organization provides, seminar and workshops, cooperate wellness programs, wellness retreat and 1 on 1 consultations. To create a unique approach to heal peoples lives mentally and physically to live a better, happier, healthier starting today.

The Nourisher