Gita (Kumudha) Jayakumar

Gita Jayakumar is an alternative healer, life coach, and health and fitness expert based out of Chennai, India. She is a Lifestyle Prescriptions Coach, a Psychology of Eating Practitioner, Advanced BWRT Practitioner, META-Health Trainer, EFT Master Trainer, ACE Master Trainer, Bach Flower Practitioner, and a Family and Karmic Constellations Practitioner. Gita is the pioneer of a concept called BLISS Yoga, which involves the use of the ancient art of Yoga in combination with the core teachings of metaphysics to create a wholesome experience of comprehensive wellbeing in mind, body and soul. She has spoken at public forums that include the Rotary International, Vital Voices’ Global Mentoring Walks, the Commonwealth Youth Council, as well as corporate establishments. Gita offers classes and one on one healing sessions, both online and in person.