Gaia Komoot

I am a Body Acceptance Coach, Psychology of Eating Expert, and Holistic Chef, the founder of In A Big Temple™ – A Sanctuary For Body Acceptance™, helping big hearts & souls who’ve been injured by constant attacks of body hate and weight shame which cause them to believe that their bodies are broken, to connect to the truth in their hearts and the wisdom of their souls, and re-member who they wholly are.

If you struggle to accept your body, I’d be honored to be a part of your meaningful healing journey and to support you in connecting to the truth in your heart and the wisdom of your soul, so that you can re-member who you wholly are.

And when the fullness of our beautiful healing work comes, you’ll be sovereignly enjoying savoring the big life that you’ve been gifted with all along, finally, unapologetically shame-free!

In A Big Temple™
(415) 341-2687