Ev Khazin

My name is Ev Khazin. Married with two children, we live in a small town on the Golan Heights in Israel.

I received my Ph.D. in Psychology and have been working with groups, couples, families, and individual clients, both in-person and online. I work together with my husband and colleagues in our psychological center in Moscow. I conduct courses and training in personal growth and development. For the past 12 years, I have specialized in nutritional psychology. My ardent desire to share the method that worked for me is an excellent guide towards working with people. I dedicate a great deal of attention to the psychological education of my clients, to returning to their own mission in life, to self-actualization, to life where eating stops to compensate for everything else.

Relationship with food and body has been my ongoing research and investigation. After ballet school, I suffered from bulimia and anorexia with which I tried to cope for many years until I underwent both individual and group psychotherapy. It was this experience, as well as long-term dieting, hatred of my body mixed with self-pity, the struggle to achieve the body that would be the best version of myself – all this endless suffering motivated my choice to help myself and many other quiet patients, living with the constant struggle with food and body image. I am constantly experimenting with food and try out all sorts of techniques and approaches before transforming them into something digestible for my clients. We arrange conscious meals (even on Zoom), cook for each other, go deep into the drama and twists we inherited from our ancestors, do constellations and go through all sorts of processes of self-expression and creativity. I love my work even though it’s accompanied by an enormous amount of pain and suffering.

To sum up, I help people get acquainted with the deep manifestations of themselves through the way they build their relationship with food. I am also an expert on weaning families from sugar addiction. I have developed my own method and it is quite successful.