Erica Small

Hi there! My name is Erica Small and I am thrilled to help you break free from the silent struggle that only the relationship you have with yourself can bring. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Mind-Body Eating Coach, I take a holistic and bio-individual approach to our work together; you deserve someone who sees you and your unique journey through fresh eyes.

I specialize in helping you find freedom from weight concerns that cause you to get trapped in the cycle of chronic dieting and dealing with lingering binge eating, overeating, or emotional eating tendencies.


I help you restore a confident body image, find direction when coping with difficult life stressors, align with your purpose, and develop a natural and enjoyable relationship to exercise.

We will work together to help you attract and maintain true confidence in yourself and peace with the person you’re becoming. Let’s evolve your behavior and habits to elevate your life for good.

Becoming Health
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