Eloïse Ferly

Eloïse is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Somatic Therapist, Massage Therapist and Mind Body Eating Coach from Paris, France.

By becoming a practitioner in Sensitive Gestalt Massage®️, this somatic work helped her feel whole again. For what seemed to be the first time in her life, Eloïse felt her body, mind, soul and heart reunite and align.

Later, she traveled to India to deepen her practice and knowledge in yoga. There, she received her yoga teacher certification.
Eloïse believes that each person has something to teach her. She understands that everyone is different, evolving at their own rhythm and journey. She always keeps in mind that each person has their own experience and challenges.

She guides people with patience, love and compassion. She has personally experienced the healing power of yoga, somatic therapy and coaching and hopes that by teaching and coaching, she can help heal more hearts and souls.

+33 6 35 48 57 39