Donna Ichikawa

Donna shares a unique blend of training in Eating Psychology and Clinical Nutrition with nine years of clinical experience working in three functional medicine practices. Throughout those years, Donna knew on a deep level that a big piece of the puzzle was missing. Despite how desperately her clients wanted to achieve wellness; stress, emotional trauma, or emotional eating, sabotaged their paths toward healing and conscious living.

As a Certified Eating Psychology and Transformational Eating Habits Coach, her methods have helped individuals completely transform themselves through inviting happiness into their lives, increasing movement and eating a balanced diet. This new approach enables her clients to reach their highest goals – not by strategies that punish, but through personalized, intimate and self-empowering techniques that nourish the body, mind and soul. Her specialties include treating both men and women, highly stressed professionals, codependence, food and environmental allergies, digestive and autoimmune disorders, candida overgrowth, weight loss, supplement balancing, and non-toxic skin care.

Food Vitality Coaching
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