Dee Phillips

How do you experience the world?

Hi, I’m Dee. I have always been curious about people.

Why do things happen to certain people and not others?

This is because as a teen, I had very low self-esteem and been sensitive to conflict and criticism. Until recently I have had weight issues.

I used to feel not good enough; hopeless. I was so angry with myself.

Sound familiar?

Through kinesiology and mind body soul food coaching, I am now free from those experiences of the world. I know how the mind, body and soul need to work together to create wellness.

I teach people how to take that journey with me, be far more effective in their life and overcome the blocks they may not even know they have.

Are you ready for Mind Body and Soul Food Coaching? Let’s chat.

With Love and Gratitude

Dee Phillips
P: 0408 057 573

Dee Phillips Kinesiology
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