Deborah Garrard

Deborah Garrard founded Bee Well Serve Well after an 18 year career in the interior design industry. Her holistic practice is designed to inspire lives of health, joy, and generosity, helping clients develop their own ‘interior design’. In addition to being a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Deborah is certified in Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition through Cornell University’s Center for Nutritional Studies. Deborah utilizes the Power of Story, the Power of Food, and the Power of Symptom working with clients individually and in workshops. For her, health is wholeness. It’s not about right food or a right sized body. It’s about real food, real bodies, and real life, learning to live through the challenges life brings that often threaten our health, our joy and our call to serve. Health is not just our relationship to food and body, it’s also our relationship to ourselves, to others, and to Spirit.

Bee Well Serve Well
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