Danielle Redmond

Danielle Redmond is a London born Certified Nutritional Psychology Coach, supporting clients overcoming challenges related to food/body. Brought up bi-lingual in Spain, Danielle loves to travel and has lived in Dublin, Paris and Switzerland, her basecamp is Marbella (Spain).

After completing a Hotel Management Diploma from Swiss Global Hospitality Education Les Roches, she attained a Bachelor Degree in Business. When she isn’t researching latest findings in the nutritional realm, she spends time walking in nature with her dog Niki, working in the garden, & practising yoga.

A traumatic event propelled her binge eating disorder out-of-control, this led her to find the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. What began as a study to understand herself, evolved into her passion and calling in life. Danielle provides 1:1 coaching in-person and Skype creating sustainable long-term healthy relationship with food. You may reach her at hi@yumyumguru.com.

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