Claudia Kaiser

I know hands-on what it means to struggle with food and body and what it takes to overcome those challenges. I went through and transformed an Eating Disorder (anorexia/orthorexia). That decade of restricting my calorie, fat and (animal) protein intake combined with an intense endurance exercise schedule (running) and long study/work hours left me with major hormonal imbalances. For years I suffered from devastating period pains and also had a miscarriage. Today I have resolved everything by 95% – and you can, too! If you are willing to assume responsibility and have an open mind, I will be glad to help you with: – Breaking free from food prison – whether it`s about calories, fat, veganism… – Fertility, Hormonal Imbalance, Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome – Finding out if vegetarianism is really what you need (via Metabolic Typing) – Optimizing your endurance exercise performance while maintaining your health in the process