Christy Whitney

Whether it’s weight or body issues, health challenges, food obsession or an extremist pattern that has taken over your life, diving deep into what’s behind all of this, is the work I love to do!

I know firsthand, through my own personal journey + the work with over 1000 clients through my wellness center of 11 years & private practice that there are many hurdles & blocks that can be preventing your success in any of the areas above including emotional clutter & confusion, mental chatter & chaos toppled with physical ailments such as weight loss resistance, fatigue, stress or other health challenges.

My desire is for you to experience eating in a way where:

-Your Body is Strong
-Your Mind is Sharp
-Your Soul is Nourished

And, living in a way where YOU are energized, have a zest for life plus, radiantly glowing both inside and out!

Taste Of indulgence