Catherine Aggarwal

Who am I? This is exactly one of the questions that has brought me to IPE and has allowed me to become a coach in Psychology of Eating.

I am a woman, I am a mother, and I am 51 years old. I have experienced life in many countries and have loved mixing with multiple cultures.

I am at a crossroad in my life where I want to give back to other women and children especially, lending them my time, my undivided attention and my belief in them.

I believe in the power of a tribe and want to surround women and children with a cocoon that would not only protect them and make them feel at peace with themselves but also prepare them to grow and blossom into a beautiful human being.

I am on my own journey and am looking to embark with others on theirs, hand in hand. At the end, it is much more fun to travel with a group of like minded people than to stand alone at the starting line, not knowing where to go.