Cassandra Carpenter

Cassandra has spent the last 3 decades navigating the waters of chronic digestive issues, autoimmunity, disordered eating and even cancer in her own healing journey. It wasn’t until she discovered the healing power of real food that she understood how fundamental it is to overcoming many of the chronic health conditions that plague our world.

Through whole food nutrition, addressing deficiencies and overhauling the toxic burden that her modern lifestyle placed on her body, Cassandra was able to put her autoimmune gut dysmotility disorder into remission, reverse her chronic fatigue and own a life that allows her to live with passion.

Her spark lies in bringing the truth about wellness to the forefront of people’s lives and empowering them with the tools and knowledge to be advocates of their own healing journey rather than victims of their diagnoses. Cassandra truly believes that everyone’s starting point for healing, regardless of their condition, is through properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods. She chooses to enlighten through education and revealing the “why” behind the methods that she uses in order to inspire action and transformation in her clients.

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