Carey Chow

My mission is to guide Asian ladies to wake up every morning feeling energetic and excited to start taking small actions to create small possibilities in their life.

I am a full-time licensed medical laboratory technologist who specializes in genetics. Also, I’m studying a master’s and own a coaching business with multiple income streams. I am currently living my dream life.

Although I have a lot of responsibilities in my life and I’m capable of waking up every morning feeling energetic and achieving all my goals. Yet, I was not who I am before. I was an alcoholic party animal who used alcohol to forget pains and people’s judgement. I used to hate life very much that I would look at the sky and ask “Why am I alive?”. I hate my body shape. I tried to lose weight by exercising but nothing works. I felt like a total failure.

I am an energy creator and coach who believes nutrition, mindset shift, good habits development, and spiritual growth can create a better life so that you could have energy to achieve every dream in your life.

Don’t normalize tiredness and sadness because everyone has the same problems. It’s common but not normal. You can create a healthier and happier life by starting to take the 1st step