Candy Wright

Have Menopausal and post-menopausal changes caught you off guard physically, emotionally & psychologically? Feel confused or frustrated by the changes? You’re not alone & you don’t have to do it alone.

Candy Wright, M.A. has been there & is a certified Master Life Coach, Menopause Doula, SafeSpace™ Trauma Healing Facilitator, Licensed Partnership & Emotional Healing Coach, Mind Body Eating Psychology Coach & Public Speaker

She specializes in helping High-Achieving, Emotionally Savvy, Spiritual, Perfectionist Women over 50:
1. Bring compassionate understanding and emotional healing to midlife stress & body changes.
2. Help heal chronic dieting mentality and trauma.
3. Heal root cause of emotional eating, food, body, weight, and body image challenges
4. Create compassionate, empowered partnerships with food, their bodies & the inner critic.
5. Resolve midlife stress & emotional eating with ease & compassion
6. Help women over 50 then use the energy once spent on food & body challenges to live their dreams and divine joy and work in the world.

When not working with clients, she is giggling, singing & traveling with her best friend & hubby, John.

Candy Wright Coaching
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