Anna Andrzejewska

Hi, I am Anna!

I enjoy helping people explore their body wisdom. I am passionate about holistic and gut health because of my personal story of digestive challenges.

Through my practice and personal experience, I have seen how many factors influence our
health. I know how much pain, disconnection from the body, and difficult emotions you can
experience if you have problems with your gut. These can be frustrating and not easy. At the
same time, with so many theories in the nutrition and health world, it can be tricky not to get confused about what to do and how best to support your body.

I want you to follow a nourishing, loving, and healthy lifestyle that makes you feel stronger, safer, and more in touch with your body. Whether you are dealing with gut health or something else, there is always a lot of wisdom from your body that we can explore.

As a Mind Body Eating Coach, I am happy to serve as much support as I can do to people with challenges with gut, immunity, energy, and fatigue, but also struggling with weight and body acceptance.