Anja Plagemann

I am a university-trained psychologist working within a holistic framework characterized by my own healing journey with food, body image, and digestion. Traveling all around the world, learning within different cultures and from diverse teachers, I came not only to understand the complexity of nutrition and health. I also developed a fascination for the greater picture of life and the importance of getting in touch with one’s heart and its real needs. Consequently, my focus is on intuitive nutrition as well as body-mind-spirit-oriented therapies such as craniosacral therapy, yoga, Chi Nei Tsang (a Taoist internal organ massage), breathwork and qigong. This year I will do further training to become a Hridaya (Sanskrit “heart centre”) yoga and meditation teacher. I have a great respect and love for people and their journeys here on earth and I look forward to assisting you to become the best version of yourself. With Love, Anja