Angie Kilpatrick

Coaching is like having a really good friend to explore life’s challenges, hold you accountable when needed, and help you identify and remove barriers to your higher goals. I love working with clients who are eager to uncover the secrets of their life, including but not limited to things like shape shifting to your ideal weight, overcoming binge eating, increasing energy and decreasing fatigue, learning to love yourself, and dropping in to your personal power like you’ve never done before. I’ve done some form of life coaching for over 30 years, both in Corporate America and also in the private sector. My formal credentials include a college degree, accreditation from an on-line coaching university, and certification in the Psychology of Eating. But even more valuable are my life experiences that have taught me so much about the human condition. Let’s work together and expose the ‘real vibrant you’ feeling great in your skin with lots of energy and love, peace and joy in your heart.

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