Aliaa Abdel Moneim

Aliaa Abdel Moneim is a Physician who has also earned a PhD in Nutrition & Public Health from Alexandria University, Egypt. In addition, she is a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Colorado, USA.

Aliaa has been following patients with obesity and metabolic related diseases for 15 years. Her professional insight of obesity is to go deep beyond the weight loss and dieting issue. Diving in to the psychology of eating with patients and searching in different hidden areas that might be an obstacle of weight loss. Her areas of expertise including resistible weight loss, diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, chronic fatigue, and other metabolic ailments in adult patients.

Currently, she is working in private clinic, providing personal consultations.

She is married and a mother of 3 adolescents. She is a big fan of yoga, body stretching and strength training. She likes music and reading.