Alesha LaFleur

My passion for science and wellness spans a 20-year career, from the pharmaceutical industry to my current role as a Mindful Eating Coach. I understand first-hand the challenges of draining corporate environments, the chaotic blessings and exhaustion of being a mother of three, the uncomfortable symptoms of undiagnosed food allergies, and the shame and spiritual emptiness of self-destructive, addictive behaviors. I will partner with you using science-based techniques, mind-body nutrition, and dynamic eating psychology principles to create an individual approach that helps conquer weight and body image challenges, overeating, binging, troubled digestion, fatigue, mood issues, poor immunity, and stunted confidence. Are you ready to heal your relationship with food? Are you ready to learn to trust the strength and intelligence of your own body? If so, I would be honored to share this transformative journey with you and help you experience the serenity that comes from mindful and intentional living.

DawnSong Rising
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