You Are Not Broken – You Are Worthy Exactly The Way You Are

At this phase in my life, my personal transformation and my relationship with food are most meaningful to me. In the past I have used food to reward, punish, or numb myself. I don’t want to do that going forward. I now don’t look at food as “good” or “bad”, I am looking at all food as neutral. It is just food, no judgement, no meaning unless I give it one. I know there are foods that feel better in my body than others. Listening to my body and working on my mind has been transformational.

Food is nourishment and life sustaining for us, looking at food that way has been game changer. This happened gradually, but I would have to say learning to treat myself like I treat others has helped. I would never say some of the things I said about myself to anyone else, even someone I did not like, so why am I am talking to myself like that? I feed my dogs the best food I can afford. I make sure they are not consuming poor quality treats or food, why wouldn’t I do this for myself? Asking these questions made me take a look at how I treated myself in all areas of my life. Food and weight were symptoms of other things going on in my inner thoughts.

Taking the IPE certification program helped me to realize there is more to eating than what is on our plates. Focusing on the food was a distraction to what was really going on. When I see myself slipping, I regroup and look at what is most important in my life and if what I am doing is not checking those boxes, then I change it. Keeping a gratitude journal and doing “morning papers” helps me to stay on track. I see others using food as a distraction and buffer from life. I also see many using food to soothe stress, which may work initially but in the long run only compounds the stress. Most of the foods they are using are not benefitting their health but diminishing it. This causes a cycle of more stress and conflict.

My words of wisdom would be to know that you are not broken, you’re worthy exactly the way you are and you are enough.

Terry Sawaya

Compassionate. Empowering. Honest.

My struggle with weight has been ongoing. I was never a thin child; I was very tall and my weight kept up with my height. I came from an Italian family where life revolved around celebrations and food. I did not have the healthy metabolism my siblings had. My mother was always dieting, and weight was often discussed. When I was thirteen, I went on a diet. At first, I lost weight and got lots of compliments, but I didn’t stop, and my “diet” resulted in Anorexia Nervosa. At the time no one was talking about it and even doctors did not understand it. They just told me to eat more. In short, I finally did start eating more and gained the weight back plus much more. I became overweight. It led me on a path and journey I could have done without, but I have learned so much and am inspired to help others avoid the many years of struggle with weight issues. I am now at peace with food and weight. I would love to help you do the same! Please send me an email or text for more information.