The Universe Will Steer Your Attention Where It Needs To Be

I often find myself looking so far into the future, into the horizon, questioning life’s deepest quandaries that I miss the obvious, the overt. However, I do believe, that greater universal wisdom will eventually slap you right in the face to redirect your attention. And it’s safe to say, I have been hit hard.

My disconnect with food existed long before I could know. My seeking of solace in indulgences sometimes food, sometimes shopping, sometimes escapism, I can actually trace back to my childhood. What a strange spectrum, yet I can’t claim that either of these ends caused me too much strife till my 30’s. This doesn’t mean they didn’t impact me, I could simply live in a world where it appeared not to. If I gained weight, I worked it off. If I felt bad, I shopped it away. Though I was likely nutritionally deficient, I had the energy and speed to propel from the next ambition, to the next destination, to the next party.

My first slap across the face was losing my dad. At that time my attention was drawn to step into my purpose, to follow my dreams and remove any self-imposed leashes and leeches.

The next blow, was my mother getting cancer, and a few months after her diagnosis, my mom’s death. Losing my mother felt unfair, and wrong in all ways. She was the healthiest of us all. She hadn’t had more than a few combined sips of Coca-Cola her whole life, she only ate whole foods and despised processed foods. See, she grew up on a village farm with five other siblings. Her values were just different. Losing a mother feels like the umbilical cord that you need to breathe is slashed right in front of your eyes. I can’t describe the journey as painful, it was beyond.

Suddenly, those few extra holiday pounds were deep into the double digits. I felt like misery. And though I had the urge to work it off, run away, push harder … I did the opposite. I slowed down, I listened, I embodied, I cried when I had to, and I laughed spontaneously in rare moments. The fitness training disappeared, so the yoga mat could appear. I didn’t escape anymore, I cuddled up on my couch with home-cooked meals. I didn’t wake up to run out the door, I woke up to cook wholesome delicious meals. And so I transformed my relationship with food and through this my relationship with self, with others.

I avoided so many health challenges but even more so, gained a vibrancy and peace I am not sure I even knew existed. Food healed me. Time slowed for me. My body created the safest space for my aching soul. It’s fair to say I changed completely, I felt an older skin that was heavy, just slip away. I felt freedom and grace. This is why, I do believe the universe will steer your attention where it needs to be. Trust your journey.

Raakhee Natha

Creative. Intuitive. Seeker.

Raakhee Natha is a behavior change strategist who loves supporting others to transform their relationship with food. She has spent her career in management and leadership consulting, she is also a brain-based coach and uses the best of the consulting and coaching methods in supporting her clients. She uses an inter-disciplinary approach including psychology, neuroscience, behavior change models, mindfulness, storytelling, as well as environmental design and organization to support people with highly individualized strategies. Her focus is on long-term change, and ensuring purpose and peace in her clients’ lives. She loves to draw on spiritual and philosophical teachings from Eastern cultures and work alongside other healers and practitioners to support clients in an integrated and holistic manner.