The Journey of Unlearning

In today’s media and popular psychology, it is more than easy to constantly come across new ideas, methods, proofs and movements, especially when it comes to eating, nutrition and health.

Growing up, I was doing what most young women are doing in the western world – absorbing and glorifying everything that is presented as ideals by the media and the society around us. Young females in today’s world are aggressively bombarded with ever changing trends – whether it is beauty, fashion, health or fitness. We have seen and heard everything, from bigger busts to bigger butts, from thin to thick brows, strobing, highlighting and numerous other techniques and skills that can help us get “there”. Not to even get started with all the diet trends, that went from Atkinson to moon diet, from OMAD to Keto and then to infinity and back.

So, the question is, where does all of this aggressive information overflow leave a young, vulnerable and sensitive individual? Unfortunately, it often leads to confusion, self-loathing, self-pity, idealization of unrealistic standards set by the media, and use of quick-fix methods that usually backfire, leaving one feeling even more distressed and stuck in our battles. More often than not, it also triggers coping mechanisms creating more pressure and greater sense of overwhelm.

I have observed this strange world quietly and also got caught in its whirlwind myself. As I opened up about my struggles, little that I knew that everyone whom I spoke with would confirm that they shared similar issues in this realm. It all made sense. We did not invent such issues – we were a by-product, a consequence of our environment and what it has taught us.

The great question is how to unlearn so many toxic beliefs that we have acquired in our lifetime about our bodies, beauty, health and habits? In pursuit of finding the answers to these questions, I have stumbled across a rare gem – the Institute for Eating Psychology. Marc David, the founder of the institute as well as the leading professor, has put together a body of work that offers a unique approach to resolving struggles in this field. Marc thought way further than a usual diet or nutrition advice we get – he found out how the impact of our environment, our relationships, work, goals, friendships, and so many more areas of our life directly correlate with our eating habits and patterns.

As I enrolled in a Mind Body Eating Coach training at the institute, I have began the journey of unlearning all of the toxic beliefs I have acquired thus far. It is not simple to go against what is around you, but it is the path that makes sense to the mind and feels soothing to the soul.

If you are interested in heading on a similar journey with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It would be my pleasure to assist you in unlearning what is of no good to you.

After going through certain mind-body challenges on my own, I got very curious about exploring and understanding this relationship further. Upon completing a degree in psychology and this coaching course, I greatly helped myself, and now I feel like it’s the perfect time to help others as well! I also had significant experience working in the corporate environment, and greatly understand the mind-body challenges that it may trigger, so I would love to speak to anyone fighting those battles!