Pause for a while!

When a client comes to me and they have struggle with their weight or they face eating challenges, I often ask them about their bigger dream or the legacy that they want to leave behind.

We need to pause in life, when we are overloaded or bombarded with problems. It is often like drinking water when you are tempted to eat something when you are not hungry. Relax, sit down, and re-evaluate your life. Where is it going? What do you need to give up to have your dream? What do you need to achieve to have a dream bigger than yours?

Often our weight issue is not about food; it’s more about our inability to cope with the world around us and our own emotions. Quite often we come across some problem that we are working on and nothing seems to fix it. We take a break and come back to the same problem. Suddenly it gets fixed! Life is exactly the same. Sometimes, we need to rest and relax. Think about it and evaluate other options and you will find the answer. Weight loss or eating challenges can never be a bigger goal in life. It can, at best be, a stepping stone to reach from point A to B. Sometime we have to leave it and focus our energy and hard work towards some other stepping stone which can lead us to our bigger dream. When we pause and relax, we create the life what we want.

I often sip a long glass of water as a reminder to pause, sit back and relax . When I am ready to handle the challenges again I become more efficient and successful. Why not try something different or give up the urge to lose weight and focus on life’s bigger dream and create your own legacy?

Archna Mohan

Passionate. Authentic. Flowing with Feminine Energy.

I am one of few personal trainers in Hampshire, UK who combine the knowledge of fitness, wellness, lifestyle and bio mechanics to deliver a customized program for my clients. I coach people to reach their true potential through Movement, Nutrition, and Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well being. I believe coaching should happen in a friendly and relaxed manner. I specialize in coaching people who have diet issues, digestive problems, mood issues, depression, weight and body image issues, fatigue, or stress. I have my unique way of working through all this. I help people to identify their true potential through visualization and acknowledging their self-sabotaging beliefs.

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