Finding Ease through Mindful Self-Compassion

When was the last time you took some time to sit down, get quiet and check in with your own body and breath? Like, really? When was the last time you actually took the time to observe and notice without judgment what the heck was going on for you?

Speaking for myself, I can say with certainty, that getting to know myself and creating a non-judgmental awareness of my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions has been an ongoing process and is definitely easier said than done.

My journey includes habits like pushing down my hunger, punishing myself with exercise or isolating myself from social gatherings out of fear of losing control (hello, perfectionism). Learning to listen to my body, trust her and respond in a way that is supportive has been a journey of many years. Showing up for myself over and over again.

Yet, implementing a mindful self-compassionate approach towards myself has been the number one thing that helped me accept the body I am in and stop trying to control both my hunger and physical appearance. Speaking to myself with kind words, honouring where I’m at, and asking myself honest questions about what I need.

In today’s world, it is a rebellious act to not push and pull. To stay soft and compassionate within an environment of body-shaming, fear, and disconnection.

Mindful self-compassion describes the concept of embracing ourselves despite our inner and outer imperfections. Allowing ourselves comfort in times of suffering or hardship instead of trying to control or punish. Becoming an ally for our own self.

For me this looked like becoming aware of my own conditioning, unraveling my own belief system, and unlearning what society and media have made me believe to be true. Ultimately, becoming very honest with myself and my surroundings. And while this might sound easy on paper, this has been a journey of many years.

Today, I am committed to coming home to my body every day through the practices of yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Embracing movement, sensations, feelings, and emotions. Acknowledging whatever is coming up for me. Stepping out of the storyline and simply observing without the need to explain everything. Yet accepting all parts of myself. The good, the bad, and everything in between.

Nothing feels better than living from this place of truth and connection!

Looking back on my journey, I’ve been very lucky to have had a lot of support. From meeting the right people and finding places of healing to getting to know the tools that have been working for me.

That’s why I am so deeply passionate about offering my support as a Mind Body Eating Coach and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher. We don’t have to be on this journey alone. We are not meant to be in isolation. We are here to walk alongside each other. And I am here to help you remember your wholeness, offering tools to come back home and connect back to your truth.

Charlotte Weiterer

Curious. Compassionate. Committed.

Charlotte Weiterer is a certified yoga teacher and registered holistic nutritionist, combining soul and science to support her clients through a holistic lens – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.
She is passionate about sharing tools and practices that support others in connecting mind and body, creating a foundation for everyday health and ease.

Her focus lies on creating a healthier relationship to stress and food, working with fatigue, digestive health and supporting a happy nervous system that is able to move fluidly between activation and restoration. She uses therapeutic yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness as a way to not only become more aware of habits and beliefs but also help her clients self-regulate in times of heightened stress or challenge. Ultimately, creating actionable steps towards more ease and well-being.