Yun Ying Tan

Hey, nice to meet you! I’m Ying, an IBS nutrition coach who is passionate about delicious Asian food – whether that’s tasting it, making it, or refining it to improve its nutritional content and delicious factor. I specialize in helping people with IBS take back control of their lives through effective management of their gut symptoms.

You will be guided through the process of identifying triggers, navigating through an evidence-based personalized IBS diet, and stress reduction exercises so you can reignite your love of food again. You’ll also learn how to determine suitable supplements for your health needs.

After working as a clinical pharmacist for 7 years, I’ve observed first-hand the struggles of people with IBS. They seek help from all kinds of health professionals but still find it difficult to stay on top of everything. So I’ve decided to fill in the gap and provide that customized solution for them.