Veronika Karaskova

My Name is Veronika Karaskova and I am single Mather of one beautiful daughter name Bella, she is 6 years old. I am from Czech Republic growing up in small country on the farm. I study 7years of Nursing school back in Czech Republic and has been working like Holistic Nurse 18 years. I came in America 11 years ago. I am living on beautiful Cape Cod.
When i came here, I started work in privet setting with ALS clients and wellness. My work with clients is based on Mind,Body and Spirit approach. Like Health Couch and nutritionist, I am using all my tools and knowledge not only from IPE but also with combination of my own experiences in Nursing, and my personal lifetime experiences. Like Yoga teacher for four years and Raiki practitioner , I combine gentle touch and movement with breathing practices into my work with clients. In my work i often coming back to the Nature where is our essence and Truth.
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