Vanessa Jane

I am an Embodiment Strategist. I found the missing piece is our connection to our consciousness & awareness of who we really are.

I lived as a deeply unhappy, unfulfilled, emotionally repressed and spiritually lost person. I had to see having all that experience and contrast in my life to bring me here, to this place for me to finally to know my own soul. My work helps you to shed light on your emotional, psychological and energetic makeup.

Through this work of Layering on my many decades of study in areas such as quantum mechanics, NLP, psychology of eating, nature psychology, bioharmonising, Tarot, astrology & energy psychology, to higher states of consciousness, managing our nervous system, accelerated human potential as well as shamanic medicine, I now focus all my attention on helping people become more self-aware, empowered and free; so they know their own magnificence and live life limitlessly.

The Spaces Between