Tricia Williams

I am a Nutrition/Lifestyle coach and owner of Healthy Inspirations, a women’s weight loss, wellness, fitness and beauty center. Being in this industry for over 12 years I recently trained at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the world’s leading school in Nutritional Psychology where I received my certification as an Eating Psychology Coach. I learned powerful cutting-edge tools and protocols that enable me to work with weight issues, body image challenges, overeating, binge eating, and a variety of nutrition related health concerns such as digestion, fatigue, mood, immunity, and others. My work combines the powerful new fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition. The skills I use from this training are a combination of practical coaching techniques, results-oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, mind-body science, and a positive and compassionate approach to challenges with food and health. In my professional practice, I combine many of the best strategies from nutrition science and eating psychology.

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