Tila Hamad

My passion is to work with families. I like to meet every family member individually, then set personal goals and goals as an entire family. My whole philosophy is about creating a safe and open environment at home where everyone supports one another and respects each others goals. I work well with kids and young teens, specializing in eating disorders, body image or negative self talk. I believe that it takes a village to make a change and when we are all on board the load is spread evenly. I help everyone understand their role in the family and to feel united connected with one another. During my work with families, we clean out the food pantry, we go food shopping, I teach them how to cook better with whole foods, and I help them find what they love doing in forms of exercise or just enjoy moving their bodies through a hobby. I also specialize in emotional and binge eating, it has personally been my teacher in life and I’m forever grateful for it. I know what its like to be in that state and I also understand why we do it, I love helping others shed light in this area where so many people feel either out of control or disconnected with themselves. I take a holistic approach and always help my clients read their emotions, shift their state to change their reality. Shifting perspective is all we need sometimes and to relax into the message we are receiving.

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