Suzannah Weiss

Emerging onto the field of Mind-Body Fitness in 2006, Suzannah Weiss is a 1st Degree Black Belt Nia Instructor, 1000-ERYT and teen Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Master School Teacher, as well as the director of SuzWorks her practice that focuses on holistic wellness through classes, workshops, and Personal Training. Suzannah’s passion for working in wellness, strength training and movement grew naturally out of her own journey to develop wellness in seven major areas of her life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational and sensual). Her most recent certification is in Mind-Body Eating Psychology (MBEP). Suzworks now offers Mind-Body Eating Coaching.
Suzannah’s study of Nia Technique, yoga, functional fitness, strength training, bodybuilding, personal growth techniques, movement and eating psychology bring an expertise to her work that is rare in most fitness settings. Seventeen years of experience as a Middle School Drama Teacher brings a unique youthful energy and a sense of play that is also uncommon. Ten additional years as a DC public school yoga teacher has steeped her in a well planned and creatively delivered body of work. Her constantly broadening set of skills and interests create an infectious enthusiasm that makes her classes and training programs compelling. Suzannah approaches her work with grace, poise and preparedness.
Currently scheduling Zoom sessions for yoga classes and Mind Body Eating Coaching. In-person sessions for yoga, MBEC and Nia will resume when COVID restrictions are lifted.

(202) 679-1226