Susan Joy RN

Overweight since childhood, reaching a high of 297 pounds, it took developing Type 2 Diabetes for me to “hit bottom” and finally take charge of my binge eating behaviors. Diet results came quickly but I was never able to hold onto my success until I understood I needed to learn how to fully nourish “all of me” not just my body. Today, at age 60, I’ve lost 80 pounds successfully keeping it off for over 3 years and my Diabetes is managed without medications. My life’s passion is to help people find peace especially where food, self, and body brilliance is concerned. My expertise includes 40 years as a nursing veteran, 3 years as a holistic nutrition coach, and certification as a Mind Body Eating Coach in addition to my own personal success. I stand ready to support you in finding peace and success in your own life.
(480) 621-7650