Stephanie Snow

Hi! I’m Stephanie. Like you, I spent many years trying to squeeze my way into the “box” that our culture calls “beauty”. I finally realized there’s so much more to life than fitting into that box, and that life outside it is much bigger and better than I could have ever imagined!

Your purpose in this world is much more powerful than manipulating the shape of your body, and I am all about helping you discover what that is, through one-on-one coaching (online and in-person), group workshops, and presentations.

I have the tools to help you change your relationship with food and body, to get out of your own way, and to be happier, more confident and courageous in achieving everything you want in life. Even if that is as simple as more fully engaging in and enjoying the life you already have. I am especially interested in helping moms nurture and cultivate positive body image in their daughters by healing their own.

I’m a mom, a fitness junkie, and a connoisseur of chocolate. My body isn’t perfect and neither is my life, but I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned in my journey to loving them both. I absolutely adore a good story. I would love to hear yours to this point, and have the chance to help you create the happy ending you want.

Beauty Revolution
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