Shelley Sims

Who am I? A constant work in progress – continually learning. Major health challenges started me on the natural healing journey – personally and professionally. Leading to discovery through workshops, books, courses, and personal experimentation. With 20 years in the natural health industry – 15 primarily on weight loss – interacting with hundreds of clients, I am honoured to serve in this capacity.
Connection, inspiration, and consistency provides the nourishment for my practice. Driven by a deep desire to accompany clients achieve their personal, health and professional goals while creating a more loving and gentle community to counter the negative messages surrounding us all. It’s about digging deeper and discovering our spiritual gems of inestimable value within, embracing who we are with positivity and gratitude, trusting in the process. Concentrating on the heart and soul. Inviting the ‘aha’ moments that fuels transformation.
In Short:
Empathy ~ Education ~ Encouragement ~ Empowerment~ Transformation …Success!
I have been married for 30 years, raised two amazing kids.
Questions? I invite you to call to connect.

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