Ravonda Jones

I am a Registered Nurse who worked primarily in the field of Critical Care and was Nationally Certified in Critical Care, until retiring from hospital nursing.
After raising our two sons, I decided to open a Weight Loss Clinic, Ideal Weight Loss. I was certified through the Ideal Protein program, lost 45 pounds myself and helped many people reach personal and weight loss goals. Due to the constraints of owning a storefront business, I began looking for other ways to fulfill my desire to help others with the challenges that I face in losing weight and keeping it off, especially through menopause and aging.

I worked for a short time in the Met Trim MD program in order to expose myself to other weight loss programs.

After recently completing the Psychology of Eating Program, I am a lifestyle and weight loss coach. Through this program, I have been given a new outlook and approach to addressing issues with weight that are novel to many practitioners.

(501) 680-1325