Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodríguez is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Mind Body Eating Coach. She has been a practicing transpersonal hypnotherapist and instructor since 2015. She takes pride in assisting clients resolve their issues in a caring and supportive way using a variety of techniques. She specializes in weight concerns and stress reduction.

As a Mind Body Eating Coach, she creates individualized mind body nutrition programs that focus on nutrition, nourishment, self-love, self-acceptance, a renewed relationship with food and body, and a new approach to life.

She believes there comes a time when need sparks our desire to seek change, help, healing, personal or spiritual growth, unleashing a vast world of possibilities for self-discovery and transformation.

Her vision is to raise consciousness and enrich people’s lives and help those who struggle with body image, their relationship with food and unidentified stressors that impact their health.

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