Rachel Jones

My passion for natural and holistic health developed from a young age after struggling with my own health concerns including digestive, skin, and debilitating PMS symptoms. I was determined to find the link between what I was eating and the health expressions I was experiencing. I then went on a rollercoaster journey developing a disordered relationship towards food and my body; from restrictive diets to binge and overeating, combined with overwhelming negative thoughts, stress and anxiety over my body. These personal challenges and my interest in health are what inspired me to become a qualified Mind Body Eating and Holistic Health Coach, training with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Through implementing the tools and techniques from my study, combined with my personal research, I have been able to heal my health symptoms, unwanted food habits and obsessive relationship towards my body and how it looks. Our challenges are often our greatest teachers in this life. I am ultimately grateful for my personal challenges with food, body and health, as they have brought me to where I am today. Our life journey is ever-evolving, let’s make it an enriching, abundant and empowering one together!

Rachel Emma Jones