Raakhee Natha

Hi, I am Raakhee Natha – a Behavior Change Specialist. I spent a large part of my corporate career helping some of the biggest organizations in the world with behavior change. It wasn’t until I lost my mom to cancer, that I began to reckon with my own disserving patterns with food. As I resolved these issues, food helped me to heal and evolve.

I love to support others transform their relationship with food and watch the ripples as this transforms all parts of their lives. I use an inter-disciplinary approach using psychology, neuroscience, behavior change models, mindfulness, storytelling, as well as environmental design and organization to support you with highly individualized strategies. I can draw on spiritual and philosophical teachings and I am happy to work with other healers/practitioners.
I use the best of the coaching and consulting world’s methods and tools.

I offer my services through two different brands:

For a wellness-oriented and slow-living approach for Millenials, career changers, and busy professionals:
By Intent – www.byintent.com.

For a fun, pleasure focused, and food-loving approach for foodies, couples, and GenZ:
Forever After Foodies – www.foreverafterfoodies.com

Credentials: Mind Body Eating Coach, Brain-based Coach, NeuroLeadership, Brain-based Facilitation, BA, PDIM, MS, EMBA

Forever After Foodies
(424) 225-2509