Petra Knupp

Petra Knupp is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach. She loves enjoying leisure time with her gorgeous son and strolling around in the forest with her dog. For ten years she has lived as an Expat-wife in Mediterranean countries where she has developed her unique style of Mediterranean cooking. She is a fun cook and will show you how to prepare healthy, enjoyable and delicious food, according to the motto “in my kitchen we’re gonna dance”. As a middle-aged mum she knows how it feels when hormones are taking control over the body due to a life-style with irregular sleeping patterns and parenting around the clock. After that one particular day she looked in the mirror and decided to feel at ease in her body again, she took meditation and Yoga classes and started cooking pleasurable and easy to prepare recipes for mums and kids. She will guide you through your own path into a new appearance and a healthy relationship to food and body image, back into a nourishing and happy one. You will have more energy throughout the day and improve your sleep and digestion.
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