Pamela Voelkers

As an Eating Psychology and Integrative Dietitian Health Coach, I believe each person is unique, has a fascinating personal story to share, and possesses the capability to live well, heal and thrive. My personal healing journey, coupled with 25 years of experience, fosters my passion to partner with, and guide individuals on their wellness journey. I continually strive to stay abreast of the science behind what informs who we are as eaters and that which determines our individualized needs, and impacts our resiliency, longevity and wellness. When I’m not focused on coaching, in the power of food as medicine, and in helping others transform their relationship with food, you may find me on a yoga mat, Facetiming my adult children, petting my Persians, updating my Pinterest boards, gliding on ice, or loosely interpreting a recipe in the kitchen.
(262) 210-0560