Nishaan Sandhu

As a dynamic eating psychology coach, holistic herbalist, and aromatherapist, I tailor health plans and botanical medicines in support of your health, body awareness, wholeness, and the fuel of self-empowerment.

Over the past decade, as a practitioner, I’ve seen many clients discover a greater sense of Life satisfaction, ease from chronic pain, digestive imbalances, fatigue, immune disorders and stress.

Our work together may include relief of the following: allergies, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, skin imbalances, digestive disorders, depression, fatigue, weight challenges, and body image challenges.

I’ve been there too, and would be honored to share what I’ve discovered through years of study and life experience.

We can integrate daily aromatherapy rituals, or other botanicals, such as medicinal teas, bathing salts, anointing oils and tonics.

Each session is tailored to your current health needs, unique physical constitution, health story, and life goals, where your health and healing story can be heard.

Nourish Body + Botanicals