Morgan Huinker

As someone who has had challenges with food and body I can understand the emotional and physical challenges that come along with the journey you’re on. I’m passionate about holistic living and finding what works for my individual clients. I graduated with my BA in Psychology and gone through my yoga teacher training. My history with food and body led me to becoming an Eating Psychology Coach. Growing up I felt like I had no one to talk to around this topic. In my mind there wasn’t a safe place for me to be honest about my struggles. I dealt with restrictive diets, binge eating, purging, and self hate. This is the reason I stepped into this work. If I help just one person then my goal is complete. We aren’t designed to live with these painful challenges and that is why I’m here to help. Today I feel balanced in not only food, but in life. Anything is possible you just need to find the path for you and stay patient.
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