Miglena Karakoleva

I am Miglena and I am a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach. I believe that our relationship with food had become very challenged and compromised in the last decades. We are confused by thousands of diets, tons of superfoods and millions of false messages around food. We start every new diet with excitement and it all ends up with disappointment. It is not only about weight or the food we eat, or the language we speak. It is about us, us as an eater. The life we live has a huge influence on what and how we eat. Family, work, money, high expectations, low achievements and much more are deeply connected to our challenges with food. This is why just a different diet is not enough. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs rule our life, and cannot be excluded from any issue with eating, weight and health in general.

So, I am here to guide you through your own journey into a new appearance and a healthy relationship to food and body image without constant self-judgment, self-control and restriction.

You will be tuned into what is at the root of your personal challenges in order to free you from the grip of old self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that stop you from experiencing optimal health, vitality and the life you deserve. Be inspired and enjoy the ride!