Michelle Hall

I am a Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach and run a Mind Body Nutrition Practice, based in Auckland. I have spent ten years studying the field of Mind Body Nutrition and have a unique non-diet, holistic approach to health and weight that doesn’t follow diets, or trends, use scales or calorie counting.

I focus not just on what people eat but on understanding why people eat the way they eat, identifying and understanding their triggers and addressing those in support with good nutrition. I work with clients directly on eating itself, teaching clients how to reach and sustain their body weight effectively long term, tap into their own body wisdom, regulate appetite, manage their energy and create positive eating habits that ultimately allows food to nourish rather than punish.

I work with those who are chronic long-term dieters, yo yo dieters, overeaters, binge eaters, compulsive eaters, those with weight loss resistance, food addictions, body image challenges, and craving management to name a few.

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