Michael Sewell

From 4 – 33 years young I was sick on a regular basis. Sometimes it would be what was going around me, but most of the time it wasn’t. It felt similar to the flu and at times food poisoning. As I turned 30 it was getting worse. I was trying to make the changes I thought necessary to improve my health but something was still causing me to miss work regularly. It wasn’t until I began researching, educating, experimenting and changing my mindset around food, that I saw visible changes. I have not been sick now for 3 years. I never thought it was possible. Now you know something about me. I’m more excited to hear about you! I believe you can be your own creator of a healthy and life but you must take that first step. Call or email Michael at Be Your Creator today to book your introductory interview! Booking website https://beyourcreator.setmore.com

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