Meghan Ryan

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Health Sciences from Stetson University in Florida, and have been working in the field for 10 years with clients as a personal trainer, running coach, and with nutrition (having started in Florida and now New York City). I am very excited to expand my coaching abilities and desire based on my experience so far, into this deeper realm of Eating Psychology as I feel it is such an amazing and appropriate area to make an impact in coaching and working with others. Here we can delve deeper into our true life goals and challenges to gain perspective and understanding for the reasons for behaviors we all have that feel like they hinder our success while developing a practice in love and compassion for ourselves along our journey in life. I love coaching runners, women (and men) of all ages, and currently do online running coaching programs, personal training in-person and online privately through my website and work with clients at Equinox in NYC, I have been working to integrate more eating coaching sessions through phone/Skype or in-person as well. I enjoy working with these populations to move better, feel stronger and develop healthier body images for themselves and whatever else they desire to help them achieve betterment and expression in their life through health and fitness. Shine On!
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